Angel of the North - Annie Wilkinson

Angel of the North

Angel of the North

2.33 3 5 Forfatter: Annie Wilkinson
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A gripping and heart-wrenching family saga about ordinary people facing extraordinary challenges, Angel of the North, is perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Margaret Dickinson. AS WAR THREATENS HER FAMILY, WHO WILL BE LEFT FOR A YOUNG NURSE TO TURN TO? April 1941, Hull As WWII rages on and the Germans continue to bomb the city, Nurse Marie Larsen faces the daily challenge of keeping Hull Royal Infirmary running. But with sudden power cuts, blown out windows and wounded civilians pouring into the hospital after each new attack, she begins to fear that the next bomb might have her name on it . . . When a fresh wave of bombings tears Hull apart, tragedy strikes close to home for Marie. Her mother now critically ill in hospital and her father missing, she is forced to make tough decisions to keep her younger brother and sister safe. Luckily for Marie, she has the love of her beau Chas to help her through, keeping her spirits up with his letters and phone calls from his post. But when new evidence come to light that suggests Chas isn't all he appears to be, will there be anyone left for Marie turn to in her hour of need?
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Forlag: Simon & Schuster UK
Udgivet: 2013-08-29
ISBN: 9781471115387

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