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Stress Relief

Forfatter: Lynda Hudson Oplæser: Lynda Hudson Lydbog

Do you feel overwhelmed by the stresses and strains of everyday life? Do you find yourself unable to fully relax and unwind? Do you wish there was a safe and natural way to relieve your stress?
If so, this could be the solution you are looking for. The Unlock Your Life series has been specially created by expert hypnotherapist Lynda Hudson for adults and older teenagers just like you. This recording is designed to help you relax comfortably and calmly and take everything in your stride.
Firstly, you will be guided to relax and enjoy drifting into a light hypnotic state where you become particularly receptive to positive suggestions. Lynda will help you use your imagination to use all your senses to let go of stress, unravel knots of inner tension, change your inner negative dialogue and learn techniques to see things from a much calmer perspective.
In addition, you will receive powerful suggestions to help you cope more effectively with your daily life and then visualise yourself handling things far more positively and appropriately in your personal situation. With repeated listening you will be able to take everything in your stride, coping with life in a calm, comfortable and confident way.
Lynda’s approach is based on many years as a clinical hypnotherapist and she has helped thousands of people across the world with her recordings. As the author of two widely-acclaimed books for professionals on hypnotherapy for both adults and children alike, you can be sure that your well-being is in the safest of hands. For the best results you should listen to this recording in a calm and quiet environment and never while driving. Your skills and ability will develop with practice, so repeated listening is the key to success.
Please note: this recording uses state of the art technology with layered voices panning from left to right and is particularly effective when you listen on headphones.

© 2004 Andrews UK Limited (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781905557493

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