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Super Confidence: Develop an invincible personality from the inside out

Forfatter: Paul Robinson Oplæser: King John Mark Lydbog

This audio book will change your life. This audio program contains nuggets of wisdom that will help you build super confidence. That's rght. Confidence is a life skill that you can develop and master.

You will learn about dealing with fear, cultivating confidence in yourself and helping you master your environment, so that you too can develop a quality of persistence, of continuing resolutely, despite setbacks and adversities in life.

Teach yourself super confidence, self esteem, courage and tenacity. Become an indestructible personality under any adverse conditions of life. Stand tall and make things happen. This psychological training audio narrates how you can incorporate self concepts of- self image, self esteem, self ideal and self confidence into your personality and become a person with a mission and sense of destiny.

© 2031 positive revolution (Lydbog) ISBN: 9791220837194

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