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Sex Ed for Grown-Ups: How to Talk to Children and Young People about Sex and Relationships

Forfatter: Jonny Hunt Oplæser: Chris Sorensen Lydbog

When it comes to talking to children and young people about sex and relationships, it is difficult to know what to say. How do you answer their questions? How much is too much? And what is age appropriate?

Sex Ed for Grown-Ups is an open and honest guide that empowers adults to talk to young people about all things sex and relationships.

Written by an independent relationships and sex education consultant, this light-hearted and accessible book encourages grown-ups to think and talk about the topics that scare them the most: from body parts, gender, puberty, and first-time sex, to pornography, sexting, and knowing what to do when things go wrong. Full of hints, tips, and first-hand stories, it is a fun, compassionate, and engaging exploration of relationships and sex, which will help adults to fully support young people as they develop a healthy view of both sex and themselves.

Sex Ed for Grown-Ups is essential for parents, teachers, youth workers, social workers, and any adult who wants to have well-informed and positive conversations with the children and young people in their lives.

© 2022 Tantor Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9798765005262