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Silva Mind Control Method Of Mental Dynamics

Forfatter: Jose Silva Oplæser: Robert Stone, Laura Silva Lydbog

Unleash the Power of your Mind -
And Begin a New Way of Life

Since 1966, a self-made man named Jose Silva has spread his message to over 5,000,000 people worldwide. The message: within our minds is the power to solve any problem, overcome any difficulty, and reach a consistent level of dynamic well-being. Based on the Silva mediation technique - carefully taught in this program - you will learn:
• How to break addictions and destructive habits permanently.
• How to undo the negative patterns established earlier in your life.
• The principles that will reveal the extraordinary power of your mind.
• How to overcome the stress of modern life.
• The natural rhythm of life - that can help you overcome any crisis.
• How to use your untapped mental energy in your career, business or financial life - and to understand the true meaning of success.

© 1989 Simon & Schuster Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9780743542241

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