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Friction Fatigue: What the Failure of Advertising Means for Future-Focused Brands

Forfatter: Paul Dyer Oplæser: Nick Taylor Lydbog

Google and Facebook changed our way of life. With this transformation, they unleashed a wave of disruption that handed unprecedented power to Big Advertising. Consumers paid the price as their lives were interrupted and intruded upon in ever-more invasive attempts to sway opinion and drive sales.

Now, this friction has reached a boiling point. Consumers are fighting back with ad blockers, ad-free subscriptions, and calls to regulate Big Advertising’s overreach. Marketing today—and tomorrow—will be on their terms. As a brand marketer, are you ready to deliver?

Marketing expert Paul Dyer has helped dozens of leading brands stay ahead of the curve and navigate the rocky media landscape of the last two decades. In Friction Fatigue, Paul shows you why advertising is broken and provides a frictionless marketing framework to help build your brand in an era in which advertising is no longer the answer. With a new wave of pandemic-accelerated disruption, you’ll learn how to gird your business against competitors and lead the pack with fresh marketing strategies. Featuring behind-the-scenes stories and expert insights, this book is your chance to prepare for a future in which the consumer rules.

© 2021 Lioncrest Publishing (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781544523668