Northern Lands - Young America in Russia and Prussia - Oliver Optic

Northern Lands - Young America in Russia and Prussia

Northern Lands - Young America in Russia and Prussia

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Northern Lands, the second volume of the second series of "Young America Abroad," describes the varied experience of the juvenile tourists of the Academy Squadron in the Baltic, and during their journeys in Russia and Prussia, and their voyages between the different ports in these countries. Compared with most other countries of Europe, but little has been written about Russia, and the greater portion of this volume related to that interesting nation. The author writes from his own notes and recollection, so far as scenery, manners and customs are concerned, but he has made diligent study and use of all the material within his reach, including much that was gathered abroad. Perhaps the young people will vote that this is the dryest book the author has ever presented to them, because it contains the most useful information; but he hopes they will not neglect the historical part, which is sometimes stranger than any fiction.
But the volume is not without its story, which may be regarded as a reflection, on a small scale, of the political experience of the American citizen. Doubtless our young friends will sympathize with Scott the Joker in his devotion to fair play; and well will it be for our country when this spirit shall pervade the caucus and the voting[8] places, and those who are selfishly striving for office are as effectually rebuked and ignored as they were in the Academy Squadron. The next volume of the series, from the nature of the circumstances, rather than from any fixed intention on the part of the writer, will contain much more of stirring incident than the present.
The author, who has so long been before the public as a writer of juvenile books, and who has so often "launched a volume," has felt that his welcome must be nearly worn out, and that he had no right to expect the continued favor of his army of young friends.
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Forlag: anboco
Udgivet: 2017-07-13
ISBN: 9783736419643

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