Idiot, Sojourning Soul: A Post-Secular Pilgrimage - Justin Rosolino

Idiot, Sojourning Soul: A Post-Secular Pilgrimage

Idiot, Sojourning Soul: A Post-Secular Pilgrimage

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What is "Christianity"? What's it supposed to be? In a world where Trump, Obama, Putin, and Lady Gaga all claim Christianity as their spiritual home, it's not an easy question to answer.

Part memoir, part historical-theological analysis, Idiot, Sojourning Soul tells the story of one former skeptic's exploration of Christian spirituality. Justin Rosolino was raised in a post-Christian context where all gods were up for grabs and all truth-claims equally dubious. While studying political theory in college, Justin found himself drawn to the writings of Augustine, Kierkegaard, and Martin Luther King Jr. Much to his surprise, he resonated with their profoundly Christian accounts of human nature, desire, lack, and love.

With wit and scholarly precision, Idiot examines Christianity's historical development, from its ancient beginnings to its current and confounding condition. The result is a must-read for anyone who's ever wondered what Jesus was really up to, and why contemporary Christianity bears so little semblance to its namesake.
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Forlag: Resource Publications
Udgivet: 2020-01-29
ISBN: 9781532674846

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