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The Rose Garden. A Guided Meditation

Forfatter: Sophie Grace Meditations Oplæser: Sophie Påhlsson Lydbog

The Rose Garden is a guided meditation suitable for everyone—older children and adults, beginners and professionals. It can be used to just relax and unwind after a workday or to treat anxiety or other mental health issues. This is a non-religious meditation: There are no religious or spiritual elements in it at all, which means that it can be used by anyone, regardless of their beliefs. During the meditation, all the listener needs to do is follow along with the narrator’s instructions as she first takes them through an initial relaxation and then helps them imagine being in a beautiful rose garden where they can relax and rest.

Background music is by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Narrated by the author.

Sophie Grace Meditations is a Swedish meditation instructor who focuses on writing guided meditations that can be used repeatedly and that she personally would like to listen to. By 2022 the catalog has been sold and streamed over one million times. This book is also available in Swedish, the author’s native language, and is then called "Rosenträdgården. En guidad meditation". Swedish pseudonym: Sophie Grace Meditationer.

© 2019 Plotline Books (Lydbog) ISBN: 9789198503722

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