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Sustainability Leadership: A Swedish Approach to Transforming your Company, your Industry and the World

Forfatter: Elaine Weidman Grunewald, Henrik Henriksson Oplæser: Chris Sorensen Lydbog

As CEOs and business leaders navigate a world of complex global challenges, sustainability is no longer optional but a business imperative. In this book, two sustainability leaders with decades of experience-Henrik Henriksson, CEO of Scania and Elaine Weidman Grunewald, cofounder of the AI Sustainability Center, and former chief sustainability and public affairs officer at Ericsson-offer a simple but powerful three-step model for leading an organization on a sustainability transformation journey that aims at big, audacious, world-changing goals.

Honest about the dilemmas but bullish on the opportunities, the authors advise leaders on how to accelerate sustainability in their organizations told through a Swedish lens, where the country's values and culture permeate the boardroom and the C-suite, bringing a unique clarity and conviction to leading with integrity.

In practical insights gleaned from the authors' own experience, the book takes leaders through the three phases of sustainability leadership: from establishing a solid foundation rooted in purpose, culture, values, principles and consistent, credible leadership, to integrating sustainability into the core business, and then to executing a vision that not only shifts the direction of the company but can change an entire industry, and even the world.

© 2021 Ascent Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781663710024