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Smartphone Brazilian Portuguese

Forfatter: Mark Frobose Oplæser: Mark Frobose Lydbog

Smartphone Brazilian Portuguese is the most effective and versatile Portuguese audio program in the industry. It can be used anywhere for any duration of time to teach to you speak authentic Portuguese while in your car, at home or on your smartphone! Learn Portuguese fast wherever you go! Designed specifically for use while on the go, this challenging, versatile and fast-paced program introduces, reviews and challenges you to interact successfully in spoken Portuguese from any location during your otherwise wasted down time.

A trained and educated native Brazilian Portuguese instructor from Brazil teaches you how to speak and understand authentic Portuguese with the correct accent, while an English-speaking degreed and certified American language instructor explains how to put all the pieces together.

© 2020 Language Audiobooks (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781618160690

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