Weight Management for Triathletes - Ingrid Loos Miller

Weight Management for Triathletes

Weight Management for Triathletes

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Every triathlete wants to be leaner, faster, and more successful. But for most athletes, training is not enough. You need to focus on nutrition as well as training volume to lose the weight that's been stopping you so far.

Weight Management for Triathletes provides practical information and tools that help frustrated triathletes of all levels on the quest to improve their body composition for performance and aesthetics. This book is aimed at triathletes competing on every level and distance from sprint to Olympic to long distance.
Well researched and insightful, this book offers easy-to-follow strategies for various diets, describes the importance of low body fat, and shows how to use body fat data in order to implement a weight control program for the long haul.

In this book, you will find the motivation and encouragement to lose weight. And with a leaner and fitter body, you will quickly perform better in races.
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Forlag: Meyer & Meyer Sport
Udgivet: 2016-11-07
ISBN: 9781782554202

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