College Without High School - Blake Boles

College Without High School

College Without High School

0.0 0 5 Forfatter: Blake Boles Oplæser: Dustin Parkhurst
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What would you do if you could go to college without going to high school? Would you travel abroad, spend late nights writing a novel, volunteer in an emergency room, or build your own company? What dreams would you be pursuing right now? It IS possible to skip High School to pursue your dreams, and still gain admission to any college of your choice! You don’t have to “put in your time” at High School to guarantee entrance to college. Blake Boles can show you how to fulfill college admission requirements by proving five preparatory results: intellectual passion, leadership, logical reasoning, background knowledge, and the capacity for structured learning, through a self designed approach to education. Students begin by defining their goals and dreams and then pursue them through a combination of meaningful and engaging adventures that will demonstrate the required learning results. College Without High School offers an intriguing approach where learning how to follow your dreams becomes your education! And what better preparation could there be in life than that?
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Forlag: Post Hypnotic Press
Udgivet: 2013-02-03
Længde: 3T 55M
ISBN: 9780986657634

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