Not God Enough - J.D. Greear

Not God Enough

Not God Enough

3.71 7 5 Forfatter: J.D. Greear Oplæser: Chris Abell
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Your God is too small.We like God small. We prefer a God who is safe, domesticated, who thinks like we think, likes what we like, and whom we can manage, predict, and control. A small God is convenient. Practical. Manageable.The truth: God is big. Bigger than big. Bigger than all the words we use to say big.Ironically, many today seem turned off by the concept of an awesome, terrifyingly great God. We assume that a God you would need to fear is guilty of some kind of fault. For us, thinking of God as so infinitely greater and wiser than we are and who would cause us to tremble in his presence is a leftover relic from an oppressive, archaic view of religion.But what if this small version of God we've created is holding us back from the greatest experience of our lives-from genuine, confident, world-transforming faith?In Not God Enough, J. D. reveals how to discover a God who is big enough to handle your questions, doubts, and fears;is not silent;is worthy of worship;wants to take you from boring to bold in your faith;has a purpose and mission for you on earth; andis pursuing you right now.God is not just a slightly better, slightly smarter version of you. God is infinite and glorious, and an encounter with him won't just change the way you think about your faith. It'll change your entire life.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Religion og spiritualitet Oversætter:

Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Blackstone Publishing
Udgivet: 2018-02-06
Længde: 6T 38M
ISBN: 9781538525968

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