Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC? - Pashori Lal

Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC?

Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC?

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"Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC" provides a comprehensive source of information for strategic change professionals, one that will enable them to use a laser approach to the design, development, delivery, implementation, close and evaluation of strategic change initiatives. The "Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC" book was published in print format in March 2015 by PLGA. Pashori Lal drew on the knowledge, skills, expertise and experience of many hundreds of change professionals across industries, sectors, and international boundaries over nearly 20 years, when carrying out the research that enabled all of the threads to be brought together to form this book's contents. "Managing Strategic Change Successfully using BalmoralEC" has a focus on enterprise change for organisations that are global, multi national, transnational and international in size and nature. It presents a comprehensive framework for strategic change management, describing the 5 Process Flows and their 28 activities, the tools and techniques to be employed, product descriptions for the management products to be used, the range of interpersonal skills that assist the strategic change professional and details of the 13 Knowledge Sets underpinning this professional area. It has been designed for strategic change professionals at all levels, consultants, CEOs, MDs, Presidents, VPs, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Executive Directors, Heads of Function, Non Executive Directors, Trustees, Chairs of Committees, authors, academics and anyone with an interest in this growing professional discipline of strategic change management.
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Udgivet: 2016-09-05
ISBN: 9780993227813

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