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Secrets of Happiness

Forfatter: Joan Silber Oplæser: Mia Barron, Andrea Gallo, Graham Winton, Daniel Henning, Greg Watanabe, Amy Scanlon Lydbog

Ethan, a young lawyer in New York, learns that his father has long kept a second family - a wife and two kids living in Queens. In the aftermath of this revelation, Ethan's mother spends a year travelling abroad, returning much changed, just as her now ex-husband falls ill. Across town, Ethan's half brothers are caught in their own complicated journeys: one brother's penchant for minor delinquency has escalated and the other must travel to Bangkok to bail him out, while the bargains their mother struck about love and money continue to shape all their lives.

As Ethan finds himself caught in a love triangle of his own, the interwoven fates of these two households elegantly unfurl to touch many other figures, revealing secret currents of empathy and loyalty, the bounty of improvised families and the paradoxical ties that weave through life's rich contours. With a generous and humane spirit, Secrets of Happiness elucidates the ways people marshal the resources at hand in an effort to find joy.

One of O: The Oprah Magazine's O Mag's Most Anticipated Books of 2021
One of Publishers Weekly's Top 10 picks for Spring 2021

© 2021 W. F. Howes Ltd (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781004057474

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