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Fantasy & SciFi
18T 11M


Forfatter: Brenda Cooper Oplæser: Kyla Garcia Lydbog

Two sisters, one from a high-tech megacity and one from the wild forest outside, must work together to protect the wilderness and its animal inhabitants from a group more interested in private property than public good.

In a future Earth that’s run by brilliant green cities, separated by open land for the good of wild things, two sisters must work together across and between the two vastly different environments to root out dangers to both. They must protect the cities and the wilderness from the Returners, a group that prefers the toxic past to the difficult present.

Lou, the older sister, her protector Shuska, and her biologist friend Matchiko have reputations as successful, rugged environmentalists. They must stay safe, listen, work, and sleuth out hidden nests of Returners. Oh, and save a few wolves along the way. In the meantime, Lou’s younger sister, Coryn, is learning that working for the most powerful woman behind the scenes in a megacity is far harder than it looks.

© 2018 Blackstone Publishing (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781538405383

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