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Instant Study Skills

Forfatter: The INSTANT-Series Oplæser: The INSTANT-Series Lydbog

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How to Study Instantly!
It's late at night. You're staring at the vast amount of texts that you're trying to wrap your head around for 10 different chapters you have to get through for 2 of your exams, also on top of a term-paper to write.
The clock is ticking. With less than 8 hours left for sleep being used for studying that should have been commenced weeks're now burning the midnight oil, as you take another sip of coffee, feeling the pressure and stress by the monstrous workload. Being tired, overwhelmed, and scarce for time feel like throwing in the towel.
Should you? Of course not! If you give up now...what does that say about life for you when other goings get tough?
What should you do? How about changing up how you study? Start studying smarter...not harder, and especially not longer.
Doesn't matter if it's for school, for work, or for whatever reasons...we all need to study to get by. The sad part is most people are doing it ineffectively, taking up more time than necessary so that's why they get behind or overwhelmed.
That's where effective study skills come in.
Within "Instant Study Skills":
* How to study using micro-mental repetitions and this interlinking technique to make the materials manageable and memorable.
* How to involve your physical-self into your studying for full-body studying to be fully engaged for longer concentration and retention.
* How to take your studying to a whole new level using visualizations to not only make studying fun and enjoyable but easier.
* Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to improve study skills.
...and much more.
Whether you're studying traditionally on paper or digitally on electronic can study smarter, faster, and better now!

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