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In the Presence of a Great Mystery

Forfatter: Eckhart Tolle Oplæser: Eckhart Tolle Lydbog

In simple language and with quiet humor, Eckhart Tolle explores the profound mystery of who we are. Eckhart begins this talk by presenting the problem we face as human beings: Almost all of us have created a rigid sense of identity based on our history, our mental interpretations, and our memories of the past. It is who we think we are, "our story," and we constantly support it with endless thoughts in habitual patterns. Yet our story— what Eckhart calls “the little me”— is not the truth of who we are. All we truly have is the present moment, and in this moment we are far more than we think; we are in fact part of a great, mysterious whole. Words cannot describe it, because it is beyond the mental stream of our thoughts, which contains all our words. We become aware of this greater reality when we let our thoughts go. In those moments, we can achieve the transcendent state so many of us long for, a state of being that goes beyond all the problems we encounter. More and more people are discovering this state of being, in what Eckhart calls “the flowering of human consciousness.” It is attainable by anyone at any time. Listen closely, and Eckhart will take you there.

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