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Getting a Job is a Job: Nailing a Job in a Hard Knock World

Forfatter: Harvey Mackay Oplæser: Michael Gines Lydbog

“A mother lode of timely, hard-earned, bite-size, street-smart golden nuggets … invaluable for job seekers, employed or unemployed.”
—Stephen Covey

You are looking at the ultimate briefing on how to get hired and trading-up for a higher-paid position. This concentrated game plan is drawn from Harvey Mackay’s road-tested tips assembled over decades of intense interviews, extensive hiring experience, and life-changing presentations.

It’s a tough time for job seekers, and you will need every advantage you can get. With a rapidly changing marketplace shaped by increased automation and technology levels along with the devastating 2020, finding a job has become exponentially more challenging. When unemployment rates are high, you’ll need an iron-clad strategy to stand-out.

As an essential resource, this book offers resources and tips to move you to the top!

The resources included are 16 pre-interview questions, 44 interview prep items, and a powerful, 22 item, post-interview checklist.

You will learn:

• How to win video job interviews
• How to negotiate a job offer for higher pay
• Tips to win for 55+ job seekers
• How to compete if you are not tech-savvy
• What to do if you are a recent college grad.

There is more opportunity in the job market than you can imagine. Armed with these tools, you’ll be the most competitive job candidate on the market.

© 2021 Blackstone Publishing (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781665064774

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