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NPR Driveway Moments Love Stories

NPR Driveway Moments Love Stories

4 1 5 Forfatter: NPR Oplæser: Kelly McEvers
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If you listen to NPR, you've had at least one “driveway moment.” You're sitting in your parked car, hooked by a story, needing to hear it all the way through. NPR celebrates the emotional bonds we share with this audio valentine that will warm hearts all year round. The story of an ex-monk and an ex-nun who form a family, as told by their son. The story of letters that continue to arrive from all over the world, addressed simply to Juliet, Verona, Italy. The softer side of Lyndon Johnson revealed in his letters to Lady Bird. A writer's true love for her beloved Volvo. The legend of Somalia's lovesick baker and the girl whose love he could not win. Lynda Barry on spring, thunderstorms, memories, and love. This heartfelt edition of Driveway Moments explores the surprising places we find love and the inspiring ways in which our most important relationships flourish.Featuring:The Love Story DeconstructedHappily Married Couples Tell TalesFather's Cufflinks Spark Thoughts About LoveOnline Dating's Siren SongLate-Blooming Aunt Ruth and Her Haphazard RomancesAdopted Son from China Transformed and Healed by LoveFinding Love at the Hebrew Home for the AgedAlzheimer's Disease Releases Couple to Love AgainAnd more.
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Forlag: HighBridge Audio
Udgivet: 2014-11-04
Længde: 2T 5M
ISBN: 9781622315161

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