Lost and Found Sound - Jay Allison,The Kitchen Sisters

Lost and Found Sound

Lost and Found Sound

0.0 0 5 Forfatter: Jay Allison,The Kitchen Sisters Oplæser: Jay Allison
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On January 1, 1999, All Things Considered aired the first in a series of richly layered stories that trace the soundtrack of the 20th century. Broadcast weekly through 1999, continuing monthly through 2000, Lost & Found Sound chronicles, reflects, and celebrates the human experience in rare recordings and "sonic snapshots" submitted by listeners. Blending the historic with the everyday, the monumental with the personal, this is evocative, haunting, eclectic listening-endangered sounds, shifting accents, vanishing voices, home recordings, and audio artifacts that reveal a sense of place and mark the passage of time.Contents:• Tony Schwartz: 30,000 Recordings Later• Quest for Sound: Gettysburg Eyewitness• Fishman, Fishman Cigar Stories, narrated by Andy Garcia• Carnival Talkers• LBJ and the Helium-Filled Astronauts• Listening to the Northern Lights• West Virginia Steam Trains• Tennessee Williams: The Pennyland Recordings• Sound Restoration• The Partridge Family Grand Tour
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Forlag: HighBridge Audio
Udgivet: 2000-09-06
Længde: 2T 24M
ISBN: 9781598873429

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