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H.W. GRADY is a tough, slightly sarcastic Private Investigator in Atlanta, GA. He served in the Army at 17 to avoid a one-year jail sentence. Those experiences straightened out any adolescent behavior. Grady went on to a college degree and began a promising career with the Atlanta Police Department. However, a falling out with a supervisor caused him to leave the force. Eventually he married the daughter of a rich man and took a job in corporate security. When they divorced, Grady became a PI. In Limelight, Grady has been hired by a promoter to find Beth Anne, a missing singer who has the talent to become a star. However, motives by the promoter and some shady business associate puts Grady and Beth Anne in danger. Grady needs all of his instincts and the help of Detective Thor to find the truth before it is too late for Beth Anne.
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Udgivet: 2014-06-16
ISBN: 9781618564566

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