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Jokes Apart

Jokes Apart

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Stand up comedy has become big and serious business in Nigeria and Julius Chinweikpe Agwu aka Julius D'Genius Agwu is one of the leading lights of that industry. Born in 1973 in Choba to Mary Welebor and Augustine Wamadi Agwu; a petty trader mother and a bricklayer father who were imbued with the gift of comedy, Julius was a precocious child who displayed early, the gifts of dance, acting and comedy.

"Jokes Apart...How Did I Get Here" is therefore, at once , the story of a family and their son, Julius. It is a chronicle of a young man's journey of discovery, his coming of age and realisation of God-given potential. Here is Julius D'Genius Agwu: unedited and unardoned as he chronicles in lucid prose and unaffected narrative his journey of hope and determination from the rustic village of Choba to the glittering stages of Lagos, London and New York.

Julius Agwu's autobiography will make you laugh and cry as you read about his days of hunger and how he squatted his way through Lagos, propelled by unequivocal belief in self, his talent, and God.

This is a narrative turgid with hope and self belief in a human being's potential to lift himself out of the depths of deprivation to the peak of fame while disdaining the feral birds of doubts and disappointments beating around him with mad feathers.
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Udgivet: 2014-02-17
ISBN: 9780992611743

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