30 Days to Taming Your Stress - Deborah Smith Pegues

30 Days to Taming Your Stress

30 Days to Taming Your Stress

2.2 5 5 Forfatter: Deborah Smith Pegues Oplæser: Kiersten Kingsley
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With insight gleaned from her experience as a certified behavioral consultant, Deborah uncovers the surprising causes of stress and reveals simple, lifechanging cures that will release readers from worry and will increase their sense of purpose, direction, contentment, and freedom. Some of the tips to controlling your stress are: extending grace, mercy, and respect to others telling the truth and striving to do the right thing, accepting yourself and being able to laugh at yourself, deleting stress related words from your vocabulary, and reciting Scripture affirmations daily.
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Forlag: Oasis Audio
Udgivet: 2007-05-11
Længde: 2T 34M
ISBN: 9781608140664

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