Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most - Brian Tracy

Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most

Crunch Point: The 21 Secrets to Succeeding When It Matters Most

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In business and in life, things seldom go exactly as planned. You've probably figured out how to navigate around the little bumps, but what about full-blown crises, the kind with the potential to derail a company or send your personal life spinning out of control?
Crunch Point presents a series of proven, practical techniques for overcoming any setback that may come your way -- on the job, at home, or anywhere in your life. In an accessible, no-time-to-lose format, success expert Brian Tracy gives you the motivation, techniques, and confidence to grab tough and urgent problems by the horns and solve them -- quickly, decisively, and completely.
Crunch Point reveals Tracy's 21 proven ways to:
• Take control of the situation
• Stay calm and rational -- even in a crisis
• Communicate clearly, constantly, and authoritatively with the key people around you -- the skill that can make all the difference between failure and success
• Identify and remove all obstacles to resolving the problem
• Deal with problems more effectively by handling them systematically instead of randomly or emotionally, as most people do
• Develop unshakeable courage and super-high self-confidence
• Generate cash flow when the crisis is financial in nature
• Never lose focus on your customers, no matter how dire the situation may seem
• Cut your losses, when necessary, and save time and money in the long run
Each chapter offers a selection of problem-solving strategies, complete with powerful action steps you can take regardless of the nature or size of the problem.
It's inevitable: At some point, the you-know-what is sure to hit the fan. Dealing with a crisis may never be easy or pleasant, but with the universal problem-solving techniques presented in Crunch Point, you'll have the confidence and skills to rise above whatever comes your way -- and you'll be the one everyone calls "great under pressure."
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Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2010-05-18
Længde: 2T 49M
ISBN: 9781596595880

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