Ten Traveller's Tales - Julian Worker

Ten Traveller's Tales

Ten Traveller's Tales

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Go on a quick visit to three different continents. Visit Vancouver and its surrounding areas - go hiking in rain forest twenty minutes from the downtown core, catch the ferry to the Sunshine Coast - you can't get there by road - and tour Victoria the capital of British Columbia. Next travel to Cape Town with its colourful history, encapsulated in the ethnically diverse Bo Kaap district. In this part of Cape Town the coloured houses are even more breathtaking than the views of Table Mountain. Read about the conversations you could have in the market in Cape Town's Greenmarket Square. Finally, journey to the independent countries of the Baltic and discover the splendid churches of the capitals Tallinn and Riga where the architecture is breathtaking and the number of tourists is still relatively few.
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Forlag: Andrews UK
Udgivet: 2012-09-03
ISBN: 9781782342182

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