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The Red Fairy Book

Forfatter: Andrew Lang E-bog

This beloved volume collects the world’s most famous fairy tales, children’s classics, and bedtime stories.

The enchanting stories of childhood every girl and boy cherish are collected in this volume of Andrew Lang’s renowned Fairy Books. Originally published in 1890, this treasure trove of timeless tales of action and adventure, enchanted forests and fantastic creatures, and monsters and magic has thrilled readers all over the world for generations.

The thirty-seven stories in this collection—including favorites such as “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Rapunzel,” “The Three Dwarfs,” “The Golden Goose,” and “The Nettle Spinner”—are more than just fairy tales; they are priceless keepsakes of childhood memories that will stand the test of time now and forever.

© 2018 Open Road Media Young Readers (E-bog) ISBN: 9781504052184

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