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The Other Woman’s Shoes

Forfatter: Adele Parks Oplæser: Genevieve Swallow Lydbog


From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Just My Luck and Both Of You, this is a gripping novel about two very different sisters, which asks: is there such a thing as a perfect life or the perfect love?

The Evergreen sisters have always been opposites.

Martha is married and has the perfect home and family. Eliza rents a drab one-bedroom flat, which she shares with her sexy but hapless boyfriend.

Until, one day, Eliza walks out on him, the very same day that Martha's husband walks out on her. Suddenly the Evergreen sisters are united by separation.

Eliza is free to pursue the relationship she's always wanted; one that offers stability and security. Martha falls into a relationship that she could never have imagined; it's crazy and carefree.

Can they find happiness dashing down these new paths? Or does chasing love only get more complicated when you're running in another woman's shoes?

Praise for The Other Woman’s Shoes:

‘Sizzling Hot’ Marie Claire

‘Compulsive, sexy 30-something read’ The Bookseller

‘Most young women will relate to Parks’s humorous take on relationships’ OK!

‘A hugely optimistic, satisfying read’ Sunday Mirror

‘Light-hearted chick-lit fun’ Heat

‘Addictive’ The Bookseller

‘Witty, warm and fun’ Daily Record

‘Excellent, well-honed and acutely observed’ Daily Mail

‘Well-drawn characters and believable emotions’ Entertainment Weekly

What Readers are Saying about The Other Woman's Shoes:

'All about finding happiness that sets the characters free, releasing the sexy, fun and loving women they really are. Superb!'

'A fantastic, very well written and very refreshing book – certainly worth your while!'

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