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The Camel Club

Forfatter: David Baldacci Oplæser: Alex Jennings Lydbog

The Camel Club by bestselling sensation David Baldacci is the exciting first instalment of a breathtaking series.

The man known as Oliver Stone has no official past. He spends most days camped opposite the White House, hoping to expose corruption wherever he finds it. But the stakes are raised when he and his friends, a group of conspiracy theorist misfits known as The Camel Club, accidentally witness the murder of an intelligence analyst, which the authorities seem happy to discuss as a suicide.

For Secret Service agent Alex Ford, the suicide verdict doesn't ring true. His abilities will be tested to the limit during a visit to the president's hometown, where a terrorist cell has spent months plotting an event that will shake the world.

Meanwhile American's powerful intelligence chief, Carter Gray, is unnerved when he glimpses the face of an old acquaintance in Arlington Cemetery - but it is the face of a man supposedly long dead . . .

And as The Camel Club is poised to expose a conspiracy reaching into the heart of Washington's highly secretive corridors of power, Alex Ford finds out that his worst nightmare is about to happen.

The Camel Club is followed by The Collectors, Stone Cold, Divine Justice and Hell's Corner.

© 2006 Macmillan Digital Audio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9780230527706

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