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Fantasy & SciFi
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Two centuries after Skydark, Earth remains chained to a sinister destiny spawned by hybrids and human traitors manipulating humankind from deep inside the chaos of forgotten worlds. Once a stone-cold protector of the ruling order, Kane and his compatriots strike back against the tide of extinction threatening to engulf the human race in a conflict with no boundaries in time, space or reality...

In a fabled city of the ancient world, the neo-gods of Mexico are locked in a battle for domination. Harnessing the immutable power of alien technology and Earth's pre-Dark secrets, the high priests and white coats have hijacked Kane into the resurrected world of the Aztecs. Invested with the power of the great sun god, Kane is a pawn in the brutal struggle and must restore the legendary Quetzalcoatl to his rightful place—or become a human sacrifice...

© 2020 GraphicAudio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781648795862

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