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Sell Like a Pro: How to Use Confidence,Enthusiasm, and Influence for Big Results

Forfatter: Dale Carnegie Oplæser: Dale Carnegie Training Lydbog

Gain the Confidence, Enthusiasm, and Top-Producer Ability of a Sales Professional!

In the tradition of Dale Carnegie's legendary book How to Win Friends and Influence People, the audio of Sell Like a Pro teaches you how to truly read and connect with your prospects. Because only then will you be able to satisfy their needs and change your future.

Unlike any other sales solution, Sell Like a Pro interweaves the proven conversation techniques, power of persuasion tips, and success principles of Dale Carnegie Training® into every session.

Learn how to get a response - and result - from every email you send.

Easily slip past gatekeepers and dodge voicemail to maximize your calling - and closing - efficiency.

Start asking the seven critical qualifying questions only top producers regularly use.

Discover how to anticipate, identify, and quickly overcome objections in three quick steps.

Set up an automated referral-generating system that continuously provides leads.

This is the true foundation of successful selling.

It's worked for many years, through many recessions - and as the sales profession has become more customized, it's now truer than ever before.

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