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Laugh and Live

Forfatter: Douglas Fairbanks E-bog

When we can analyze ourselves and find that we are living up to the quoted lines above we may safely lift the limit from our aspirations. Right here it is well to say that success is not to be computed in dollars and cents, nor that the will to achieve a successful life is to be predicated upon the mere accumulation of wealth. First of all, good health and good minds—then we may laugh loud and long—we're safe on "first."
So, with these two weapons we may dig down into our aspirations, and, keeping in view that our policy is that of honesty to ourselves and toward our fellow man, all we need to do is to go about the program of life cheerfully and stout of heart—for now we are in a state of preparedness.

© 2019 MVP (E-bog) ISBN: 9782291060727

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