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Ladies won't wait

Forfatter: Peter Cheyney Lydbog og E-bog

The lady of the night – was dead before morning.Michael Kells is a British secret agent waiting for his next assignment in France and when he comes across a beautiful woman – almost too beautiful to be true – who seems extraordinarily interested in him. This launch Kells on an intoxicating trail of intrigue, murder, and deadly romance through the bistros and boudoirs of the world’s worst underground!
* * *
During the short period of fifteen yearsPeter Cheyney managed to write more than thirty books. Resulting in sales which run into millions of copies. Cheyney’s stories are about the grim, the slick, the seductive and the amusing – just true to life as Cheyney knew it. You will find plenty of strong meat, well spiced with humour in good measure. Detectives, gamesters, thieves, and hard-living beauties makes a glorious story of excitement, humour, suspense, crossing and double-crossing.

© 2022 Yabot (Lydbog) ISBN: 9789189225626 © 2022 Yabot (E-bog) ISBN: 9789189225640

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