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Fantasy & SciFi
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Two centuries after skydark, the oligarchy of the nine barons who have governed nuke-ravenged America endures—yet their control as plenipotentiaries of earth's first nonhuman inheritors rapidly diminishes. For as the myth that shrouds the planet's secret rulers is exposed by a handful of scientists and warriors dedicated to freeing humanity from the eternal yoke of slavery, the truth becomes more deadly...

Deep inside the moon, a dark and timeless place of unimaginable power and mystery, two ancient beings live on—the sole survivors of two mighty races whose battle to rule earth and mankind is poised to end after millennia of struggle and subterfuge. Now, in a final conflict, they are prepared to unleash a blood sacrifice of truly monstrous proportions that will obliterate earth and its solar system. At last Kane, Grant and Brigid Baptiste will confront their creators... and now, ultimately, their destroyers. (The Dragon Kings - Book #2 of 2)

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