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Fantasy & SciFi
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Dandelion Wine

Forfatter: Ray Bradbury, Nancy Curran Willis Oplæser: A Full Cast Lydbog

Ray Bradbury’s endearing, lyrical tale of boyhood and an idyllic Midwestern summer is presented here as a full-cast audio dramatization by The Colonial Theatre on the Air, complete with sound effects and a brilliant music score.

Twelve-year-old Douglas Spaulding knows Green Town, Illinois, is as vast and deep as the whole world that lies beyond. For Douglas, summer is a pair of new tennis shoes, the first harvest of dandelions for Grandfather’s renowned intoxicant, the distant clang of the trolley bell on a hazy afternoon. But as young Douglas is about to discover, summer can be more than the repetition of established rituals that hold time at bay. It can be a best friend moving away, a human time machine that can transport you back to the Civil War, or a sideshow automaton able to glimpse the bittersweet future.

© 2007 Colonial Radio Theater (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781481539074

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