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Fantasy & SciFi
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The baronial machine ruling post-apocalyptic America is no more, yet even as settlers leave the fortressed cities and attempt to build new lives in the untamed outlands, a deadly new struggle is born. The hybrid barons have evolved into their new forms, their avaricious scope expanding to encompass the entire world. Though the war has changed, the struggle for the Cerberus rebels remains the same: save humanity from its slavers.

Amidst the sacred Indian lands in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, a consortium with roots in pre-Dark secrets is engaged in the excavation of ancient artifacts, turning the newly liberated outlands into a hell zone. Kane and the Cerberus warriors organize a strike against the outlaws, only to find themselves navigating a twisted maze of legend, manipulation and the fury of a woman warrior. Driven by power, hatred and revenge, she's now on the verge of uncovering and releasing a force of unfathomable evil...

© 2020 GraphicAudio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781648795985

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