LUST Classics: Kama Sutra - Vatsyayana

LUST Classics: Kama Sutra

LUST Classics: Kama Sutra

1.75 4 5 Forfatter: Vatsyayana
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Judging by the way in which the `Kama Sutra‘ is referenced in movies and TV shows, you would think that it is merely an ancient manual on sex positions. But that is not entirely correct. For while is does guide the reader to a better sex life, it also offers a fascinating insight into the sexuality of middle-ages' India across all castes. `Kama Sutra‘ provides advice on how to trigger and sustain desire, how to maintain power in a married life and even on how best to cheat on your spouse! At times it reads like Emily Post‘s book of etiquette but for subjects such as scratching, kissing and biting. Anyone with even the slightest curiosity for anthropology and sexology will find it an interesting and invigorating read. LUST Classics is a collection of erotic literary classics. Although some of their content can appear controversial, these titles have been selected due to their historical importance within the field of erotic literature. Mallanaga Vātsyāyana was an Indian philosopher, believed to have lived between the 1st and 6th century. His interest in human sexual behaviour as a way of reaching spirituality was recorded in his famous work 'Kama Sutra', the oldest surviving Hindu text on erotic love.
Sprog: Engelsk Kategori: Erotik Oversætter: Richard Burton,Shivaram Parashuram Bhide,Bhagavanlal Indrajit

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Forlag: Lust
Udgivet: 2019-07-31
ISBN: 9788726257380

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