Mad Dog Gravesen - Chris Sweeney

Mad Dog Gravesen

Mad Dog Gravesen

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Thomas Gravesen was one of the last footballing mavericks, once dubbed 'a grenade with the pin pulled out'. Hailing from rural Denmark, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a top player but never lost his unique identity, earning a reputation for his bizarre antics and eyebrow-raising behaviour. Gravesen lined up for Real Madrid's glamorous Galà¡cticos and enjoyed colourful spells at European giants Hamburg, Everton and Celtic. Remembered as a cult hero at all of his past clubs, he is a truly fascinating individual. After abruptly ending his career and disappearing, he re-emerged years later in bizarre circumstances in Las Vegas. Did he really lose $54 million at cards? Did he really bring dynamite to training, and spend his summers in a dark basement? Known as a 'unicorn' due to his mysterious life, this is a fascinating, helter-skelter journey into the mind of 'Mad Dog'. Team-mates, coaches and friends recount what it was like to be swept up in the surreal whirlwind of the most unorthodox individual they've ever encountered.Â
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Forlag: Pitch Publishing
Udgivet: 2019-02-15
ISBN: 9781785315121

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