Muscle and Fitness Master Class - Beaumont St. Claire

Muscle and Fitness Master Class

Muscle and Fitness Master Class

2.0 1 5 Forfatter: Beaumont St. Claire Oplæser: Beaumont St. Claire
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Muscle and Fitness Master Class. Are you ready for one? If you're a body builder the answer would most certainly be "yes." But if you're a fitness enthusiast you might be thinking: "Why would I be interested in Muscle Building? Well stop and think for a moment. Whatever your fitness regime, be it weights, running, kettlebells, push ups, cross training - when you engage in these - you're building muscle. Are you not? So - Bottom Line - Muscle Building and Fitness go together like wine and cheese. In his previous books on muscle and fitness, physical educater and fitness trainer Beaumont St. Claire guided you though the rewards and risks of the various modalities of physical improvement. Explaining how to build muscle correctly, increase endurance, and improve the health of your cardiovascular system. Now, in this book, he dives deeper into those subjects to take your personal health and well being to the next level. If you focus on, and follow what he has to say, there is no doubt you will get top marks, and top results, from this Muscle and Fitness Master Class.
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-06-26
Længde: 2T 25M
ISBN: 9781982761356

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