The House of Special Purpose - Paul Christopher

The House of Special Purpose

The House of Special Purpose

3.25 4 5 Forfatter: Paul Christopher
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It was a long-forgotten secret buried in the past. Now it may change the course of World War II. November, 1941: Freelance news photographer Jane Todd and Scotland Yard detective inspector Morris Black are recruited by the Office of Strategic Services. Their orders are to trace an artifact rumoured to exist from the bloody days of the Bolshevik Revolution. The missing relic may hold the key to forging or destroying the balance of power in the war that is sure to involve the U.S. As the long-cold trail heats up for Todd and Black, close on their heels are a brutal Nazi assassin, a mysterious countess with a very shady past, and the lethally charming head of NKVD operations in America. Filled with actual events, historical figures, and a true-to-life atmosphere and intrigue that pull the reader in and don’t let go, perfect for fans of Robert Harris, Rory Clements and Ken Follett. Praise for Paul Christopher 'Draws tension with the skill of a surgeon’ New York Times bestselling author Michael Connelly ‘A writer to watch’ New Orleans Times-Picayune ‘Hyde’s storytelling is pure genius’ New York Daily News
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Forlag: Canelo Action
Udgivet: 2019-07-08
ISBN: 9781788636261

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