My Life Has No Purpose! - David Leigh Weber

My Life Has No Purpose!

My Life Has No Purpose!

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If you’re ready to take a journey into yourself unlike ever before, you’re ready for My Life Has No Purpose! It’s a hands-on guide for those truly ready to understand themselves and the world around them with incredible clarity. For those sick and tired of fear, denial, ‘do as I say’ pronouncements, and all the rest of the blockages that make life unnecessarily hard. Does this sound like you? (It should!)

Imagine knowing—truly KNOWING at a core level—what is really going on and being able to find your own purpose using your own innate gifts. In other words, what if you could live your life for YOU?

It’s a sad fact. Most people let others determine their purpose. Intentional or not, friends, family and society put all these demands and expectations on you that aren’t realistic. When you don’t live up to them (whatever that means!) you see yourself as a failure because they see you as one. In reality, it is impossible for you to be a failure unless something is preventing you from doing so!

My Life Has No Purpose! gives you the tools to gain true superhero powers (really!) and live your life as you’ve always wanted:

• Learn the secrets to decision-less decision making. Never make another decision yet always be successful
• Predict the future and save yourself wasted time, effort, and money in the process
• Understand on a core level what the universe is telling you, good and bad
• Achieve unparalleled success in even the worst circumstances
• Resolve issues from your core, not your intellect
• Be 100% content and successful in mind, body, spirit
• And much more!

Sound impossible? Listen for yourself and discover the truth. Your journey awaits ...
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Pro Audio Voices
Udgivet: 2019-04-09
Længde: 3T 46M
ISBN: 9781950144013

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