The Future of Money - Quentin Carlisle (MBA)

The Future of Money

The Future of Money

5 1 5 Forfatter: Quentin Carlisle (MBA) Oplæser: Quentin Carlisle (MBA)
The Future of Money. What will it be?And more to the point - does as money as we know it have a future? Will Money be Killed by Cryptocurrency? Blasted by Bitcoin?

Is it time to say goodbye to nickels, dimes and quarters? Not to mention Cash? And what about banks? Will blockchain technology make them as obselete as Dinosaurs?

One thing is clear: The digtal re-invention of standards of value and exchange is a juggernaut that cannot be stopped.

There is, to quote the late Steve Jobs, "no exit strategy." We can embrace our monetary future - or resist it. Clearly, the former will challenging. But the latter will be fruitless.

In his many previous books on Financial Intelligence and wealth creation, Financial expert Quentin Carlisle has given you positive, actionable steps to advance your financial future.

Now, in this book, he guides you to a clear understanding of what you must know to prosper with the Future of Money.
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Mere info om lydbogen:

Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2019-04-15
Længde: 1T 5M
ISBN: 9781982748142

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