Small Business For Dummies - Eric Tyson,Jim Schell

Small Business For Dummies

Small Business For Dummies

3.81 32 5 Forfatter: Eric Tyson,Jim Schell Oplæser: Mike Chamberlain
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Make big sense of small business Small Business for Dummies has been a leading resource for starting and running a small business. Calling upon their six decades-plus of combined experience running small businesses, Eric Tyson and Jim Schell once again provide time-tested advice and the latest information on starting and growing a small business. This new edition covers all aspects of small business from the initial business plan to the everyday realities of financing, marketing, employing technology and management-and what it takes to achieve and maintain success in an ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape. ● Write a strategic business plan ● Start, establish, or rejuvenate a small business ● Hire and retain the best employees ● Get a small business loan If you're a beginning entrepreneur looking to start and run your own small business, this book gives you all the tools of the trade you'll need to make it a success.
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Forlag: Gildan Media
Udgivet: 2019-03-12
Længde: 17T 52M
ISBN: 9781469071435

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