Potentials Unlocked - Leon Stanford

Potentials Unlocked

Potentials Unlocked

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Awaken Your Inner True Power! Dare to achieve more? Dare to dream big? Dare to defy life? We are all born with natural talent and unique abilities to accomplish the most amazing things in our lives and to contribute immensely to the world around us. Now while some of our greatest innate strengths are obvious to us, there are our other gifted qualities below the surface which we are totally oblivious of. What is important is to discover these hidden potentials then cultivate them for our personal goals and ambitions - whether that is to figure out your career path, to find your passion, or simply to be a better person, or maybe its even because you feel stuck with where you are in life or unsatisfied with where you are headed and want to change. Regardless, there is no better opportunity to let your full potential shine through when personal desire requires you to. When that does occur, the only thing holding you back is YOURSELF - for reasons due to lack of confidence to accomplish greatness, lack of sheer willpower to do more, or lack of knowledge on how to do so. Whatever the case may be, Potentials Unlocked will help you dive in and awaken your sleeping giant within to be able to... * Achieve success faster by tweaking how you usually perform. * Improve upon your strengths further and patch up existing problems. * Create greater impacts on others lives by what you already do every day. * Reach new height thresholds by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. * Live every day like a true maverick blazing the trail for the world to follow suit. * And more to uncover! If you want to upgrade and unleash your true self, then its time now to unlock your potentials that have been forever laid dormant and reap newfound rewards.
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Forlag: Author's Republic
Udgivet: 2018-11-20
Længde: 31M
ISBN: 9781982730024

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