Conversations with Horace & Socrates - Kevin Brookes

Conversations with Horace & Socrates

Conversations with Horace & Socrates

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What part of YOUR life worries you most?

- Does the prospect of dying frighten you?

- Are you lonely or feel alone?

- Do you ever ask, 'Why am I here?'

- Have you been bullied or sexually abused?

- Do you wonder what happens to all the corrupt people when they die?

- What happens to murderers when they die, Heaven or Hell?

- Does religion meet your spiritual needs?

- What do YOU think God thinks about abortion?

- What do YOU think God thinks about homosexuality?

- What would make you totally happy, relaxed and content?

The answers to all of these issues and our inner most worries are answered in this tiny book

Answered not by the author, but by two great men, Horace and Socrates. Both towering men from ancient history but still, very much alive in Spirit.
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Forlag: Kevin Brookes
Udgivet: 2018-03-08
ISBN: 9781912643097

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