Removing the Dragon Skin - Jeremiah C. Braudrick

Removing the Dragon Skin

Removing the Dragon Skin

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For anyone who has ever longed for God but always felt like his love was just out of reach; for anyone whose messy story has made them feel like a third-string player on God's team; for anyone whose soul feels beaten, battered, and in desperate need of some healing, C. S. Lewis just may have a remedy.

This collection of essays and memoirs, delivered by an author whose fundamentalist upbringing painted a picture of a God who was simply impossible to please, are written for anyone whose has struggled with their spiritual self-worth. After life threw him a few curveballs, he was convinced that the God whose approval he yearned for, simply had no use for him. Lewis helped to changed that.
This story about falling back in love with God takes the reader on a three-year journey in which the author digested just about every word Lewis ever wrote, including many of his classics, his lesser-known writings, and even personal letters he wrote to family, friends, fans, and even children. The memoirs will journey to Lewis's home and favorite pub in Oxford, his office in Cambridge, his church, his gravesite, and more.
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Forlag: Wipf and Stock
Udgivet: 2019-10-18
ISBN: 9781532671715

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