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Why I Killed My Husband

Forfatter: Anita Nair Oplæser: Anita Nair Lydbog

No one ever called me by my name again. Not Anjali, my given name or Kalyani, Madhavan’s family had decided was to be my married name. All of them just called me Bonda....'

Set in Chennai, Why I Killed My Husband is about a woman whose quiet dreams are destroyed day after day by what her Carnatic musician husband and society demands of her. Until trapped in her apartment during the great Chennai floods she discovers what she really wants for herself. And with that awakening, she unleashes a ruthless plot that will allow her to steer her life in the direction she chooses.

Why I Killed my Husband, narrated by the author Anita Nair herself, is as much a thriller as it is a story of our lives that will keep you guessing even as it teases an occasional laugh out of you.

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