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The Science Fiction Archive #6

Forfatter: Ben Bova, Poul Anderson, Murray Leinster, Frank Herbert, Harry Harrison, H. Beam Piper E-bog

The sixth powerful Science Fiction Archive! Edited by the strangely enigmatic Rey Bertran, SFA #6 features the following tales:

Missing Link, by Frank Herbert
The Great Nebraska Sea, by Allan Danzig
The Valor of Cappen Varra, by Poul Anderson
A Bad Day for Vermin, by Keith Laumer
Hall of Mirrors, by Frederic Brown
Common Denominator, by John MacDonald
Doctor, by Murray Leinster
The Next Logical Step, by Ben Bova
The Nothing Equation, by Tom Godwin
The Last Evolution, by John Campbell
A Hitch in Space, by Fritz Leiber
On the Fourth Planet, by J.F. Bone
Flight From Tomorrow, by H. Beam Piper
Card Trick, by Walter Bupp
The K-Factor, by Harry Harrison

© 2018 Aeterna Classics (E-bog) ISBN: 9783964544995

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