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Fantasy & SciFi
5T 40M

Having escaped the clutches of the Lord Protector, Sir Nigel Loring, his son Alan and Little John Hordle have joined with the Mackenzie’s and the Bearkillers.

Lady Juniper recounts the capture of one of the Lord Protector’s most precious treasurers, the Princess Mathilda Arminger. While Sir Nigel reveals that the Lord Protector has procured a deadly new weapon.

Will Signe Havel ever forgive her husband for fathering Juniper Mackenzie’s son Rudi? Will Sir Nigel find a home in the Willamette Valley? And what will happen when the Norman Arminger attempts to reclaim the princess and wreck his revenge on the Mackenzies and the Bearkillers?

© 2020 GraphicAudio (Lydbog) ISBN: 9781648810725

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